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Music to accompany the book

The three cello stories {Cello Saga) include references to a number of cello pieces and their composers. If you are not familiar with them, consider keeping this page open when reading the book and clicking on the Track cited in the text. The Tracks listed below will take you to two-minute clips and/or to the entire composition on YouTube. The two-minute clips are permanent, but the YouTube recordings may be suddently removed beyond our control. The performers listed below are for the two-minute clips; the performers for the YouTube recordings are introduced at the beginning of each sound track.

Note that each track record shows the pages where, in the paper version of the book, this music is mentioned.

Click for a two-minute sample

Click for an entire composition from YouTube

TRACK 1: O. Liebert, Nouveau Flamenco [p.28]
TRACK 2: V.I.Tchaikovski, Rococo Variations, M. Maiski and P. Jarvi 19 [pp.53,204,207]
TRACK 3: L.van Beethoven, Pathetic Sonata, Emil [ Gilels, piano, DG 2532 008 [p.165]
TRACK 4: F. Chopin: Nocturne Op.37, No.1, in G-minor, A. Rubinstein [p.165]
TRACK 5: A. Dvorak, Piano Quintet in A Major, S. Bishop/S. Kovacevic piano, Philips 6500 363 [pp.166,214,216]
TRACK 6: A. Dvorak, Concerto for cello in B-minor, Op.104, M. Rostropovich, London Philharmonics with C. M. Giulini [p.169]
TRACK 7: I. Jordan, Thema and Variations for cello and piano, USSR Musical Publishing 1951 [p.179]
TRACK 8: L. Boccherini, Cello concerto in B-flat Major, Xavier Phillips [p.180]
TRACK 9: J. Haydn, Cello Concerto No.1 in C-major, M. Rostropovich [p.180]
TRACK 10: C. Saint-Saens, Cello Concerto Op.33, M. Rostropovich, Orchestra Scala + Muti [p.180]
TRACK 11: G. Tartini, Cello Concerto in D-major, Jozef Podhoransky [p.185]
TRACK 12: J.S. Bach, Cello Suite #1, Gigue, Lynn Harrell, Decca 466 2532, (CD from 1999) [p.188]
TRACK 13: J.S. Bach, Entire Cello Suite #1 in G major, recommended Lynn Harrell, Decca 466 2532, (CD from 1999), or Yo Yo Ma (click the green button) [p.194]
TRACK 14: L.van Beethoven, Piano Trio in E flat-Major, Op.1 No.1, Istomin/Stern/Rose [p.194]
TRACK 15: J. Haydn, Piano Trio in C major, Op.1, No.3, is not on YouTube. Beaux Arts Trio recorded Complete Haydn Trios, available on Amazon. [p.194]
TRACK 16: J. S. Bach, Cello Suite No.3, Sarabande, M. Maiski [p.208]
TRACK 17: C. Saint-Saens, Allegro Appassionato, Op.43, G. Piatigorsky [p.208]
TRACK 18: F. Kreisler, Liebeslied, original Kreisler's recording, cello transcription by S. Hauser. [p.208]
TRACK 19: K. Popper, Serenade Op.54, No.2, M. Gendron
TRACK 20: A. Dvorak, Dumky Trio, Beaux Arts Trio , [p.214]
TRACK 21: Peruvian Dance, autor's travel video, 11 min [p.40]